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GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023), We will delve into the specifics of what GMS covers, the available add-ons, and the application process.

Let’s begin with the basics of GMS: this nonprofit health and travel insurance provider was established in Saskatchewan back in 1949 and currently employs over 120 individuals. Visit our Channel Jobs information

GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023) Read our review of GMS health insurance

One of the standout features of GMS is their user-friendly online portal, My GMS, which enables easy access to your benefit information and the ability to submit claims online. For certain plans, their travel insurance automatically includes coverage for Covid-19 treatment. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

GMS health insurance can be a good option if you’re self-employed, starting your own business, or seeking additional benefits not offered by your employer or province. Some plans even cover counselling and speech therapy. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

It’s important to note, however, that GMS health insurance reviews have cited limitations with their dental plan and hospital benefits not being automatically included in some coverage options. Additionally, vision and travellers insurance are not included in the Basic plan.

Before committing to a health insurance plan with GMS, it’s recommended to compare rates and coverage offerings with other leading health and dental plans using our comparison tool.

Wondering about the cost of GMS health insurance?

For a 24-year-old residing in Ontario who chooses the BasicPlan with Basic drug coverage and dental, the monthly premium would come to $83.25. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

However, keep in mind that your premium will be determined based on a variety of factors unique to you, including age, gender, optional benefits added, the number of people covered by the plan, and smoker status. To ensure you get the best plan at the best price, it’s important to first identify your health insurance needs. Consult the table below for an overview of the variables that impact pricing. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

30-year-old man (non-smoker, Ontario)*$7.25/month$25/month$55/month
50-year-old man (non-smoker, Ontario)*$7.75/month$26.25/month$58.75/month
30-year-old woman (non-smoker, Ontario)*$7.25/month$25/month$55/month
50-year-old woman (non-smoker, Ontario)*$7.75/month$26.25/month$58.75/month

*Note: The prices shown are for residents of Ontario who do not smoke. Other factors, such as the addition of optional benefits, may impact the final premium. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

  • Before selecting a health insurance policy, identify your healthcare needs to ensure you choose the best plan at the right price.
  • Prices for health insurance vary widely among providers and are influenced by factors such as your health history, age, province, and available coverage options.
  • To compare health insurance quotes and find the best plan for you, use our comparison tool, which provides personalized quotes while keeping your information anonymous.

Learn about the coverage provided by GMS health insurance by reading the list below.

GMS health insurance provides coverage for medical expenses that are not covered by your provincial healthcare plan. Some of the expenses that GMS covers include. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

Prescription drugsCovers the partial cost of prescription medicines
Physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologistsCovers the use of paramedical services
Vision carePartially covers cost of eye healthcare and lenses
Nursing and ambulance servicesCovers transport to hospital and after-hospital care
Therapeutic equipment (orthotics, prosthetics, etc.)Covers the cost of medical equipment you may need
Travel insuranceCovers healthcare costs while out of your province.

What types of health insurance does GMS offer?

GMS provides its customers with 24/7 access to medical professionals via phone, complimentary travel advice, and the option for a second medical opinion, all of which are included in their health insurance packages. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

GMS offers three types of health insurance plans, which include:

  • BasicPlan
  • ExtendaPlan
  • OmniPlan

All plans can have drug, dental, and hospital cash added, as well as additional travellers insurance. The plans offer varying reimbursements for health practitioners, such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, podiatrists, massage therapists, naturopaths, dietitians, osteopaths, and physiotherapists. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

Vision80% to $200 per 2 years combined90% to $250/2 years for frames/lenses$90/eye exam/2 years
Health Practitioners70% to $250 combined maximum80% to $350 combined maximum90% to $300 per health practitioner
Counselling ServicesA combined maximum of $65 per visit for 10 visits per person, per policy year.A combined maximum of $65 per visit for 15 visits per person, per policy year.
Annual Travel48 or 63 days of coverage outside Canada<br>183 days in Canada<br>$2,000,000 annual maximum<br>$500,000 COVID-19 coverage within the policy’s annual maximum30 days coverage outside Canada<br>183 days in Canada<br>$2,000,000 annual maximum<br>$500,000 COVID-19 coverage within the policy’s annual maximum
Preferred Hospital Room$500 per person per year$1,000 per person per year45 days up to $3,500 per person per year

What extras does GMS health insurance offer?

If you’re interested in additional coverage beyond your basic health insurance plan, GMS offers various add-ons such as travel insurance, hospital cash, and drug benefits. To see which extras might be beneficial for you, refer to the table below. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

What does GMS dental insurance cover?

Although Canada’s public healthcare system covers a wide range of healthcare services, dental care is not included. It is essential to have dental insurance to ensure overall health. Many people avoid preventive dental care due to the high cost, which is a mistake since regular checkups help prevent gum disease, which is linked to several conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, regular dental checkups can help detect other medical complications early. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

To help with this, GMS provides a supplemental insurance plan that offers the following benefits

YearBasic ServicesMajor ServicesUp to combined reimbursement
Year 175%$500$500
Year 280%50%$750
Year 380%50%$1,000
  • Basic services:
    • Exams
    • Fillings
    • Polishing
  • Major services:
    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Dentures
    • Note that a three-month waiting period applies.

How to get GMS health insurance?

The content describes how to get and use GMS health insurance, how to make a claim, access customer service, cancel insurance, and get travel insurance. It also presents three alternatives to GMS health insurance: Blue Cross, CAA, and Canada Life. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

To get a personal health insurance quote from GMS, individuals can contact an insurance broker, request a quote through GMS’s website or call the GMS health insurance phone number at 1-800-667-3763. Once enrolled, they can create an account with My GMS to access their personal portal where they can submit or track a claim, get more information about their coverage and eligibility, and check their balances.

How can I make a claim with GMS?

To make a claim, individuals can use their GMS Pay-Direct card directly at their pharmacy, dentist, health or vision practitioner. GMS Health Insurance Reviews (2023)

GMS health insurance customer service

They can also access the online portal or submit a paper claim to the Claims at Group Medical Services, 2055 Albert Street, PO Box 1949, Regina, SK S4P 0E3.

How to cancel health insurance GMS?

To contact GMS customer service, individuals can call 1-800-667-3699 or email If they want to cancel their plan, they need to contact GMS at 1-800-268-3763, but there is a 24-month waiting period to get new coverage again with GMS.

Can I get GMS travel health insurance?

For travel insurance, individuals should check their specific plan to see if it is included or purchase a travel add-on to their health insurance policy or buy GMS travel insurance as a separate insurance policy. Travelling without proper health coverage can be an expensive mistake. Today Food Panda Jobs 2023 

What are the best alternatives to GMS health insurance?

Additionally, the content provides information on three alternative health insurance companies: Blue Cross, CAA, and Canada Life. Blue Cross offers several plans that can include health benefits, drug, and dental coverage for individuals to choose from depending on their health insurance needs. CAA health insurance has partnered with Manulife for over 20 years to offer pre-packaged plans tailored to specific health needs, with the ability to mix and match plans and offer discounts when bundling health and dental coverage. Canada Life offers a variety of levels of health insurance, all with differing levels of coverage that are designed to suit individual needs, including comprehensive optional add-ons.

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